About Us

We are a small 501c3 business dedicated to finding loving indoor homes for cats that have come from bad situations, who have been abandoned, or are in danger of being euthanized in other shelters. We do not have a shelter and operate by using a network of volunteers who foster our cats in their homes providing a social environment in which to observe and assess the animals needs and nature. Our volunteers dedicate their free time to help the cause.

Adult cats are often the first to be euthanized in overcrowded shelters this time of year. As kitten season approaches please remember to take a look at adopting an adult cat for your home. They deserve love and happiness as well as kittens that tend to be snatched up first. We have many gorgeous, trained and calm adults just waiting for their chance.

Email us at Purrfectkittyrescue@gmail.com for more information on adoption.